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Nano Rings hair extensions

Nano Rings hair extensions

They're considered within the hair extension industry to be 90% smaller than the traditional Micro Ring.

Making them comfortable to wear.

Especially for those clients who have fine hair but also are less detectable meaning no one will know that your wearing hair extensions. 

Can i wear my hair up while wearing this method?

Yes, you can wear your hair up while wearing hair extensions.

It is highly recommend that you do not wear your hair in a high ponytail or bun as this pulls on the extensions!

You can use your natural hair to help hide the bonds or rings.

The Nano Rings are very  undectable as they are tiny and are able to be applied higher up on the head if necessary.

They are perfect for most hair types, unless your hair is very silky, oily or naturally straight as they can slide off.

They are especially suited for fine or thin hair.

Tie your hair back while you sleep.

This is to avoid tangles.

Tie your hair back in a loose braid so that movement in your sleep does not create tangles.


Braid Heaven's prices do include the hair extensions.

The hair that is used, is called

Remy hair.

It is real human hair, which means you can treat it just like you would with your natural hair from curling, straightening, dying etc..

You can choose your length which you would like your extensions to be.

Prices differ in lengths.

16 - £225.00

18 - £245.00

20 - £245.00

22 - £255.00

24 - £265.00