Braid Heaven 

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Tape hair extensions

The fitting process is one of the quickest methods in the hair extension industry, it can take around 1 hour or less to fit.

Tapein hair extensions

Tapein hair extensions

Tapein hair extensions

Tapein hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions work as a semi permanent hair extension option, if you are looking for an instant volume boost aswell as hair lengthen solution.

So simply to apply and easy to remove.

If you have fine, thin hair then tape in hair extensions are most suitable for you as the extensions lay flat on your hair.

The cleverly designed bondings distribute the weight across multiple strands of hair preventing the extensions from wearing out your natural hair and slipping out.

Book in your colour match, for your hair extension tech to get the correct colour.

With this appointment ask to see examples of how the tape looks and ask as many questions as possible.

With your colour match appointment with BraidHeaven, a deposit of £100 is required which does come off your final price.

Payable via

Bank transfer


BraidHeaven's prices does include the hair extensions,

The hair we use is called Remy hair,

It is real human hair and you can treat the extensions just as you would your natural hair.